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Bottling 8/3/2019
Bottling Malbec or Syrah.

Our last update from 2014 below said that was our best wine yet. Actually, our wines have gotten steadily better every year since we started in 2011. We are amazed and delighted at the rave reviews we continue to get on our wines. Thank you to our friends.

In 2015, we again had Zin only this time, we decided to keep one (of two) barrels another year. We called that our “reserve” and it was truly outstanding. Yes, we really noticed a difference another year made. (Thanks Dan for constantly pressing us to do that!)

In 2016, we started to experiment with alternate varietals for a couple reasons. First, we had trouble the previous several years of Zin with stuck fermentation. Secondly, there are some of us five guys who would really like to branch out to different varietals. Since we felt that we have our process down now we decided it was time to try Syrah and Zin. We know Martin Ranch does lots and of Syrah so we were confident that we would get good grapes.

Well, again, we had trouble with our Zin getting stuck. In the end the Ph for the Syrah was on one end of the “ideal” range and the Ph for the Zin was at the other. As an experiment, we blended them together 1 part each and decided we liked it! So, our 2016 is one blend of Zin and Syrah. I can tell you that after an additional year in bottle, this is a very drinkable wine (I’m on the more picky end of wine tastes.)

In 2017, we branched out even further and got one barrel of Malbec and one of Syrah. We just bottled both of these and so we don’t have much feedback from our loyal fans yet. Maybe in a couple years (or sooner I should say!) I will get back to this and update you on how the 2017 has been received.

In 2018, we got Sangiovese and Syrah. We’ve had very good luck and good results with Syrah which is quickly becoming our staple. It’s only been in barrel for one year so you’ll have to wait to see how it turns out!

I should mention that we have also gotten Pino Noir grapes from one of the John’s relatives. In a communication mistake, several years ago, we thought they were going to be Pino Gigio so we processed them as a white wine and made Rose. The first batch was OK (some people even liked it). However, subsequent years have been pretty marginal. This is primarily due to us not being able to pick at the right time. So, generally, the grapes are not in the best shape. Fun to experiment tho!

Ok, off to open something refreshing!

2014 Zin

This is the best wine we’ve made so far