2024 – as of June

This year we vowed to get more organized. And Bill DID! Check out the upgraded winery/garage pic in the slideshow above. Additionally, Ray did some upgrades on the bottler which we haven’t had a chance to test out yet. Meanwhile, we’ve been trying to be more diligent about getting together and doing “stuff”.

We met in June (a couple times actually) to check out what we’ll be bottling in September. We noticed that the CAB, which has been in the new barrel since the fall and it seems pretty well oaked so we decided to rack it into the empty barrel. That old and inert barrel has been prepped but sitting empty for a while so it leaked a little when we put wine in it. Seems to have fixed itself now so no worries on losing wine.

We also agreed on going to Martin Ranch to talk about varietals. Ray was very impressed with the Zin and advocates that we try to get Zin again.